Best DSLR / SLT of 2013 - Winner: Pentax K-3

Brutal por Lordakner, no Flickr

The Pentax K-3 was an early front-runner in this poll, and blazed through to a convincing victory, garnering an impressive 31.4% of the total vote. Strangely, stablemates the K-50 and K-500 got almost no love, but the capable, innovative K-3 was your pick for best DSLR/SLT of 2013 by a landslide. Which probably means we should get going with our full review, right? We’ll get right on it.

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Essa máquina é lindíssima, e parece fabulosa para se usar também!

Diferença MUITO grande para as 2a e 3a colocadas. :ponder: