Boa notícia sobre a Kodak

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New Kodak company to continue selling film

Kodak Alaris, the new company born of KPP’s purchase of Eastman Kodak’s personalised and professional imaging businesses, has no plan to reduce its portfolio of films in the short term, its bosses tell BJP

Earlier this year, the UK Kodak Pension Plan acquired Eastman Kodak’s personalised and document imaging businesses with the plan to “preserve the heritage and legacy of the Kodak brand, while embodying greater speed and agility to meet market needs and changes.” The acquired businesses now form part of a new company called Kodak Alaris, which will be headquartered both in the UK and in Rochester, New York in the US.

Dennis Olbrich, president of Kodak Alaris’ personalised imaging business, and Dolores Kruchten, president of Kodak Alaris’ document imaging business, will provide leadership for Kodak Alaris, says the firm. Both businesses include film capture, instant printing, photographic paper, theme park photography, as well as scanners and capture software.

“In terms of our portfolio, people can expect us to sell what we have sold before, plus more. Because obviously, being Kodak Alaris we don’t have any debts, we don’t have any obligations as Eastman Kodak did,” says Lars Fiedler, marketing manager at Kodak Alaris’ personalised imaging division. “We’re almost starting from scratch. And we have KPP that is really seeing the potential for growth. It is prepared to invest, so I believe that people should expect us to come out with new products.”

Yet, the focus of the company…