Dead Pixel Locator

Dead Pixel Locator
Cabe num disquete, teste o monitor LCD na loja antes de comprar.

There are 3.9 million sub-pixels (red, green and blue) on a standard 1280x1024 resolution LCD monitor, each of these is a microscopic transistor. While the defective rate of pixels on LCD panels and plasma displays is very small, due to the large number of sub-pixels, manufacturers cannot guarantee 100% error-free panels at an affordable price. To make things more difficult, it is not possible to test any pixels before full assembly of the panel, and fixing any pixels is not possible after assembly. Malfunctioning pixels can be disturbing If a pixel or sub-pixel is dead, it appears as a black or colored dot on an all-white background. In addition, some pixels can stay in a permanently “turned-on” state (this is more common than dead pixels), resulting in a white, red, green, or blue pixel on an all-black background. Closeup of a dead green sub-pixel on an LCD panel. It appeared as a magenta (the mixture of red and blue) pixel on a white background. What can you do? It is a good practice to check the LCD monitor or plasma display with Dead Pixel Locator before actually purchasing it, although not all vendors allow it. Still, every manufacturer has a dead pixel policy, which you should read carefully. If you find any defective pixels on your new LCD monitor or plasma display during the warranty period, it may qualify for a replacement. How does it work? No setup is required, download Dead Pixel Locator (file size: 183kB), save it to a floppy disk or pendrive, and run it on any Windows computer anywhere. Dead Pixel Locator is a freeware application, which can be used and distributed without restriction.

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Boa :slight_smile:
O meu tá zerado (é um Philips), e parece que atualmente já tá muito raro pegar um monitor LCD com dead pixel, se ele for de boa procedência. Já essas marcas desconhecidas que pipocam no mercado sem nenhum controle de qualidade, sei não :confused:
Eu por exemplo nunca engoli essa história de ser “aceitável” que um LCD tenha lá sua meia dúzia de dead pixels, antes que possa ser retornado à fábrica… Pra mim é pura negligência no controle de qualidade.

A pouco tempo quando estava cogitando comprar um LCD, descobri
que a Sansung troca se tiver 1 pixel queimado e a LG 3 se estiverem