Fujifilm X-T30 II: atualização de firmware

Fujifilm X-T30 II: atualização de firmware

Firmware v1.10

Revised specification from Ver.1.00 to Ver.1.10

The following specification has been revised to improve compatibility with SDXC memory card format.
The maximum number of frames that can be recorded in a single folder has been changed from 9,999 to 999.
If you are using a macOS computer to process recorded files in the SDXC memory card, make sure to follow the procedure below before upgrading the firmware. Follow the instructions in “II-2. If using an SDXC memory card with existing files or one that has not been recently formatted:” in the article titled “Important notice for consumers processing FUJIFILM digital camera files using macOS” that was published on Feb. 2 in this web site and then format the SDXC memory card before using it.

Essa solução aí foi armengada hein…

Firmware v1.12

Revised specification from Ver.1.11 to Ver.1.12

The accuracy of AF function has been improved at manual focus mode using “One-Push AF”.

One major bug that "IMAGE TRANSFER ORDER” does not appear even if the Fn1 button is pressed and held at play back mode has been fixed.

Other minor bugs have been fixed.